Standards for Tire Trailer

Tire Trailer: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers safety standards for trailer safety. The NHSTA recommends that drivers use the right kind of tires when towing a trailer. Safety recommendations include using the same size tires and following manufacturers’ specified load standards for trailers and tire construction.

Tire Size
Tire size is important when it comes to safely transporting loads on a trailer. Tires should support maximum weight loads for trailers, and they should be exchanged if they wear out quickly or perform below standard. Reducing load amounts and adjusting the hitch is another way to increase tire performance.

Load Rating
Tires used for towing have a load rating located on the sidewall of the tire. This number varies by tire size and trailer weight. Drivers must check their trailers’ manuals to find out the load rating for tires in order to safely tow their trailers. Maintaining proper air pressure is important for tires to fulfill their load rating requirements.

Tire Construction
Trailer tires are usually indicated by an ST, and they’re constructed in belted and radial construction. ST tires for trailers are more durable, have a lighter sidewall construction and operate at a lower air pressure. ST tires are also designed to resist weather deterioration, and they provide the best safety for trailers.