Trailer Wheel Size for Safety

Trailer Wheel Size: Safety is a key parameter when traveling with a trailer. The wheels that the trailer travels on need to be the correct size so that the trailer weight can be effectively moved down the road.[/box]

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Each trailer tire has its specified information listed on the sidewall. When purchased from a dealer, the tires should all match in size and weight capacities.


The best way to make sure if a trailer’s tires are correct, take the trailer fully loaded to a weight scale. Weigh the trailer as it would be loaded for a trip and match that weight to the tires’ capacity.


If the tires are not capable of handling the trailer’s weight, make sure to purchase tires that can hold the respective weight, or lighten the load within the trailer. Be wary of placing extremely large tires on a trailer that is not equipped for that size. The wheel well area needs to be clear enough for proper functioning and safety.