Transportation Safety Training Guide



Transportation and Logistics Management Education

The transportation safety training course is and in depth training of industry practices, DOT standards and other transportation safety organizations to maximize your fleets by preventing issues. We will do everything to make sure you are successful, our Student support is always available even after your training is done!

Whether you want to start your own brokerage business, enhance your current job performance, or simply gain additional insight our course packages are great for anyone wishing to learn about transportation safety.

We cover all these topics in our training program. You will be ready to enter this booming transportation industry and always use our materials as a reference point in the future.

Transportation Safety Training Topics Covered:

  • Primary workplace safety topics
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements
  • Qualify yourself as a safety expert and manager
  • Training Methodologies for Employees
  • Develop your own safety programs
  • Avoid civil and criminal liability for accidents and injuries
  • Interpretation and Application of OSHA Regulations
  • Analysis and documentation of workplace hazards
  • Workplace Safety Inspections and Audits
  • Investigate, Analyze and Document Workplace Accidents and Perform Root Cause Analysis
  • Safety Culture Using the Latest Behavior Modification Techniques
  • Driver Qualifications
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Logbooks
  • Drug and Alcohol Policies
  • Company Safety Policies
  • Lease Agreements