New Years resolutions for brokers

It’s time for the New Years resolutions for brokers in 2019!

1. Always be prospecting.

Most brokers don’t prospect enough, while the best brokers prospect constantly. This year, make prospecting the first and last thing you think about when you get to the office, with these 7 ideas for better prospecting. (For even more inspiration, check out the 23 conversation topics you can use while prospecting, plus insights on where the best leads come from.)

2. Make better connections.

To be a good broker, you need to make more connections—shake more hands, make more phone calls, contact more prospects—but to be a great broker, you need to make more and better connections. This year, find the right balance between quantity and quality when it comes to professional relationships. Check out our guide to building better rapport with just about anyone, as well as these9 creative networking ideas and 5 ways to make networking a painless part of your life.

3. Do one thing at a time.

Multitasking may be your default setting, but it’s more likely sabotaging you than helping you (and we bet you don’t even know it). Instead, commit to monotasking, or doing just one thing at a time. When you pare things down, you’ll be amazed at how much you actually get done.

4. Banish procrastination.

If you’re one of the 20% of adults who constantly struggle with procrastination, these simple steps may help. Learn how to build momentum, break big tasks down into doable chunks, and stop deceiving yourself about where your time is actually going. Your time is valuable—don’t fritter it away on procrastination.

5. Tackle a weakness.

We recently heard from a broker who turned one of his biggest weaknesses, social anxiety, into a strength. What’s the one weakness that’s holding you back from being at the top of your game? Attack it with the ultimate goal of making it your strength.

6. Find a mentor.

One of the biggest reasons brokers fail is because they think they can do it all themselves. But to get to the next level, you absolutely must find a mentor who can guide you wisely, open doors, and help you grow. Sure, you may do just fine without one—but not having a mentor is like driving in the slow lane for the rest of your career.

7. Get something out of every “no”.

To survive as a broker, you just have to get comfortable with people telling you “no”. And since you’ll be hearing it a lot, you might as well make the most of it. Next time you get rejected, respond with curiosity instead of defensiveness. And when you get an objection, practice turning it into an opportunity.

8. Make success automatic with smart habits.

Habits hold more power over your daily work (and ultimately, your success) than you probably realize: 40% of what you do each day is pure habit, which means you don’t even think about it while you’re doing it. Here’s how you can tweak your habits to make success automatic.

9. Learn a new way to listen.

You know you should be a better listener—but what exactly does that mean? We’ve got 4 advanced listening strategies that you may not have heard about but that will set you apart from everyone else who’s just nodding along.

10. Go for a walk.

Combine this with your resolution to be more active this year. We’ve got the scoop on how walking the neighborhood, checking out community happenings, and doing more away from the office can actually bring more business to your office.

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