How to Obtain Your USDOT and MC Number Authority?

How to Obtain Your USDOT and MC Number Authority?

Start your trucking business successfully with these essential steps: open your company, obtain MC and DOT numbers, file BOC-3 and UCR forms, secure insurance, and fulfill additional requirements. Learn the process to ensure legal operation and prepare for freight transport across the United States. Get expert guidance for a thriving trucking venture.


1- Open a company in your state:

The type of company you open doesn’t really matter, it can be an LLC a small corporation, etc, etc. You can usually open your company through your state’s website, depending on your state of residence you might have to go in personally.

2- Obtain MC and DOT Number:

You can go on the FMCSA website and fill out their application to apply for your MC and USDOT number. Make sure you fill everything out correctly as they can deny your application if you make an error or put false information.

3- File your BOC-3:

The “BOC-3” is one of the forms that is required by the FMCSA before they activate your authority. This is usually done through a third party. If you have paid someone to obtain your authority for you they should also be taking care of this step.

4- File your UCR:

This is the “Unified Carrier Registration” , they will charge you depending on the number of trucks on your fleet. This form will have to be renewed every year.

5- Obtain Insurance:

The last and final step before you receive your motor carrier authority is to obtain insurance. The amount and kind of insurance all depend on the kind of motor carrier authority you are applying for. Usually what is required is a cargo and liability of $750,000 and $100,000 respectively.

Once your insurance agent files proof of your insurance with the FMCSA and all the previous steps are completed then all you have to do is wait. It should be about 2 weeks from this point that you should get a letter from the DOT stating that your Motor Carrier authority is active and that you are ready to transport freight all across the United States under your own USDOT and MC number.

Note: After your motor carrier authority is active you will also need to make sure you have your base plates, IFTA, and also that you enrolled in the required Drug and Alcohol testing program. You are now a business owner and have to make sure that all employees are screened, tested and checked before they are hired to drive for you. We will go into more detail about how to keep a good safer score on another post.


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