How to Find Quality Carriers?

How to Find Quality Carriers?

1. Get Connected.

One of the easiest ways to build your carrier database is to ask other freight brokers for referrals. Even if you don’t know any other brokers, you can start networking by joining an industry organization, such as the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA). TIA is a freight broker membership community that can be a great source for building relationships, accessing resources, and getting educated on important topics in third-party logistics. Members of TIA can access a Freight Broker Directory to find qualified drivers, and take advantage of the organization’s widely used TIA Watchdog feature. Users can report unauthorized re-brokering of shipments, no-shows, cancellations, theft, unjustified loss of freight, and other issues.

2. Get what you pay for.

If you needed a life-saving operation to remove a brain tumor, you wouldn’t go to an unlicensed, back-alley surgeon and ask for their best rate. You’d want the best doctor money could buy (assuming you’re insured.) Why? Because the more experienced and credentialed the doctor, the higher fee he or she can demand. While truck driving isn’t brain surgery, the same idea holds true: experienced drivers charge more.

3. Get quality drivers by being a quality broker.

One of the best ways to attract a reliable, responsible carrier is to be a reliable, responsible broker. Finally, show that you’re a reliable broker by never double-brokering carriers. Not to be confused with co-brokering, double brokering is illegal and takes place when a carrier (who may also own a freight brokerage) accepts a load from a freight broker under the guise that he will transport the load, but then brokers it off to another carrier. Quality carriers are attracted by fair brokers who pay well and pay reliably. He can provide you with a few more resources to help you become a more successful freight broker. Source:

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