If you are looking for a fast-tracked desk position, then being a freight dispatcher would be a great opportunity for you. A dispatcher is a communications worker who is responsible for transmitting the information to synchronize the work of people and vehicles carrying out goods or services.  On the other hand, a freight dispatcher is a person who manages freight. Freight dispatcher is also recognized with the following names: Freight manager, Fleet dispatcher or manager, truck dispatcher or manager, and logistics manager. As a fleet dispatcher, your duties would be taking information about the commodities that where it has to be delivered, managing the movement of drivers, and matching them with loads that need to be picked up and dispatched rightly to the client.

How can you become a freight dispatcher?  Well, this is a game of intelligence and cleverness. Some dispatchers just specialize on a certain type of equipment to make sure they are fully prepared to offer the most comprehensive support. First of all, you need to be fully aware of your job and the particulars your agency is working on. Second of all, you must have some skills that will help you have enough knowledge about the freight industry and the basic terms and technologies they are using.  You will need to stay calm while interacting with drivers and customers,  your customer service skills and communications skills will help you stand out against your competition. This will help you to make good relationships with your customers. Some of the companies who are hiring dispatchers offer training, but it is always good to have a leg up when starting a new job by taking training ahead of time from a company like us! Or if you are looking to start your own dispatching agency we offer training for that as well!

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