FIVE REASONS YOU CAN BENEFIT FROM A FREIGHT BROKER Before getting into why using a freight broker can be very beneficial, first, let’s answer an important question. What is a freight broker? A broker arranges freight shipping between a carrier and a shipper. In exchange, the broker receives a small commission for facilitating the transaction. So why should you use one? There are many reasons as to why utilizing the service of a freight broker is helpful, but many use the word efficient when describing the services. Efficiency plays a crucial role in keeping a business thriving, so why not take advantage of the benefits a Third Party Logistics company offer.

If you’re still on the edge of deciding, here are 5 important reasons you can benefit from the use of a freight broker.


Saves Time, Money and Resources

By using a freight broker, it can feel as though you have a shipping department without having to spend money on a shipping department. You also won’t be spending money on invoices, audits and training. Utilizing the services of a freight broker, it can reduce the investment in equipment, buildings and computer systems you may have had to buy if shipping on your own. In addition to your business expense savings, 3PL’s can help save money on the shipping itself. The knowledge and contacts that freight broking companies have existing allow them to lock in lower rates than you would get as a one-off shipper.



Depending on your businesses needs, a freight broker can supply you with more or less capacity throughout the business’s common cycle. This calls for a no-stress work environment throughout the seasons, spikes and lows.


Knowledge and Expertise

Shipping is what freight brokers do best, it’s their main responsibility. Working with one gives you access to their knowledge of best practices and real-world experiences. They are always up to date with the most recent shipping technology which is a benefit for you when using them. They are professionals in how to secure loads with pre-qualified carriers through their company. Freight brokering companies are your one-stop shop for all transportation expertise.


Existing Business Relationships

Because freight brokers expertise lies in shipping, the relationships and contacts they have are of value to you. They’re there to serve you as their customer, so they have the power to provide volume discounts and lower shipping expenses. They also can provide access to capacity to an internal shipping department that otherwise wouldn’t be available, or would be very expensive.


Being part of a Partnership

Last of all, working hiring a freight broker builds a partnership. They work for you, meaning their best interest is putting your needs and interests first. When you succeed, they also will succeed. Their business grows when you do, so when it comes down to helping you and your business, they will do everything in their power to do so. It’s their job to make sure your shipment gets from A to B, hassle-free, their main role is to help! Source:

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