Freight Broker Interview Questions

Freight Broker Interview Questions

A Freight Broker secures transportation for goods by serving as a liaison between shippers and carriers and communicates with dispatchers and drivers to track the status of loads. Ideal applicants are customer-oriented, meticulous and proficient multitaskers. Avoid confused, lethargic applicants.

Freight Broker Interview Questions

1. Could you tell me about your customer and carrier contacts?

It is advantageous for a Freight Broker to have numerous contacts. The applicant will display how connected they are in their answer to this question.

2. Are you a people person, and why would you say so?

The potential hire will further demonstrate their ability to attract and retain customers in their answer.

3. Could you give me three examples from past experience where you arranged effective transport for challenging customers?

The potential hire’s answer will further demonstrate the applicants’ people skills, as well as their problem-solving abilities.

4. What are the most rewarding aspects of your position?

The candidate’s answer will share their motivation for being a Freight Broker, and it will reveal their strengths as well.

5. How do you select efficient, safe carriers for freight services?

The applicants’ answer will further demonstrate their skills as a Freight Broker.

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