Characteristics of Effective Training Programs

Characteristics of Effective Training Programs

Here, we provide five important characteristics of effective training programs that must be kept in mind to ensure the best results in an individual and organizational level:

1. Personalized

Allow for the organization of information into packages for different types of people and their individual requirements.

2. Inquiry-Based

Allow for learners to share and comment on different sources of information and experiences, thus working together to solve issues and share advice.

3. Collaborative

Allow participants to work with others and thus enhance their learning experience. Teamwork is crucial to any organization and training programs should foster this type of work ethic.

4. Interdisciplinary

Always ensure that training programs incorporate various different areas of knowledge, not just the person’s area of expertise.

5. Networked

Ensure that as many people as possible can use the resources you provide, anytime and anywhere. There is now a big shift towards working remotely, and this is the first step to provide that invaluable opportunity for your workforce. Source:

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