What to look for in a freight broker training school?

When you search for freight broker training courses on Google, you will inevitably find pages and pages of results. How can you decipher which one is best for your freight brokerage? More importantly, how can you determine which freight broker training course will provide the best return on your investment? Let’s take a look at a few of the key features to look for when choosing a freight broker training program for your business.


The goal of any freight broker training program is to gain as much knowledge and value as possible in order to grow your freight brokerage. 


Freight brokers often find themselves being pulled in a number of different directions. To accommodate this somewhat chaotic schedule, you need a training program that supports the busy freight broker lifestyle. This may include online classes or courses that can be completed at home, there are many online and offline and on-location freight broker training schools to choose from. online freight broker schools can be very helpful, and are a great fit if you have a busy schedule/don’t have the time to commute to a school.

Of course, some people are just naturally more successful attending a physical class. Figure out what best fits your schedule and plan from there.


For most freight brokers who are just getting started, the cost of freight broker training is also an important factor. Not only do you need to find a program that will provide quality course material with training options that suit your schedule, but it will also likely need to fit within a particular budget.

There are a number of options for receiving freight broker training, each offering a different set of skills and information. How you decide to go about learning will depend on your previous experience and needs.

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