Software Helping Freight Brokers and Agents Maximize Earnings

Early in the game, brokers can manage their handful of loads manually. But as their network grows, they’ll need to reinvest the initial profit into technologies to scale their business. The specialized software will systematize the shipment process, improve the overall brokerage service offering, and ultimately organize operations a whole lot better.

To ensure profitability, they must define the most efficient transport option that benefits their own business while satisfying customer requirements. Doing this involves a lot of challenges.

Tallgrass Freight Co. (TGF) introduced an innovative, new CRM designed for freight experts, by freight experts. This groundbreaking platform empowers freight agents to earn more, work with greater efficiency and deliver the strongest customer experience. An industry disruptor, the Tallgrass CRM is poised to make a lasting impact on the logistics ecosystem.

While most companies utilize an off-the-shelf CRM, the Tallgrass Freight CRM was designed with a freight broker’s unique needs in mind. 

Every feature was created to streamline the logistics workflow. The system includes an intuitive shipment booking system, agent commissions data, a detailed carrier information page and easy accessibility to training. 

If you have a freight brokerage business and decide to purchase software instead of building it from scratch, you have a wide choice of solutions. As they all have similar functionality, a good practice is to select options within your budget range and then trial each of them. Make sure the system is highly optimized because speed is everything in this business.

Growth + Change = Opportunity! How are you going to capitalize on the opportunity as a freight broker, agent or dispatcher?

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