Index report highlights a strong freight market

September shipments, at 1.241, were up 1.1% compared to August and up 8.2% annually, and expenditures headed up 2.5% compared to August and were up 19.3% annually.

According to the September edition of the Cass Freight Index Report by Cass Information Systems. “In turn, pricing power has erupted in those modes to levels that continue to spark overall inflationary concerns in the broader economy. The report noted that while the current level of volume and pricing growth. The report explained that these gains are signs of ongoing pricing power for those in the marketplace that move freight. “Demand is exceeding capacity in most modes of transportation by a significant margin”, “We are confident that the increased spending on equipment, technology, and people will eventually result in increased capacity in most transportation modes,” Broughton wrote.

September shipments, at 1.241, were up 1.1% compared to August and up 8.2% annually. The economy is growing, that level of growth may have reached its short-term expansion limit. September marks the 24th straight month of shipment growth. Many freight transportation and logistics executives and analysts consider the Cass Freight Index to be the most accurate barometer of freight volumes and market conditions, with many analysts noting that the Cass Freight Index sometimes leads the American Trucking Associations (ATA) tonnage index at turning points, which lends to the value of the Cass Freight Index. Even with the myriad of events like a fluctuating stock market in recent weeks, the new-and possibly permanent trade war, and general global tension often take center stage in the news, one thing that has remained steady and strong is the health of the freight market.


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