How to Rent a Box Truck to Start Your Own Carrier Business

Planning to start or build a box truck business?

Trucking is a business that generates a lot of revenue.

The ways you can make money with your box truck range from high-risk, high-reward investments such as starting a full-on business with it, to careers that involve way less risk including partnering with a company or picking up available jobs in various industries.

Applying for a box truck lease offers many advantages that purchasing doesn’t. When you lease your vehicle, there are no upfront costs or ownership risks to worry about.

It’s substantially less expensive and enables you to make use of new vehicles without the steep costs.

Steps to starting your Box Truck Business:

  1. Register your business 
  2. Request an EIN (Tax ID)
  3. Set Up a bank account
  4. Setup two email addresses 1 for important business, 1 for your motor carrier application
  5. Get another phone number to avoid unwanted marketing calls/texts
  6. Apply for your Motor Carrier Authority
  7. Get your BOC-3 and UCR
  8. Get your DOT number for $99
  9. DOT Physical Exam for Medical Card
  10. Fill out Quote Form for Insurance
  11. Setup freight factoring and fuel cards
  12. Find an amazing dispatcher
  13. Sign up for DAT
  14. Pay your down payment for insurance close to the 21st day after applying for your authority.
  15. Apply to brokers.
  16. Gather your documents in a single binder

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