Freight Broker / Dispatcher Tools!

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We now offer tools to help you run your Freight Brokerage or Freight dispatching Company!

Improve your business, sales, and productivity workflow with this all-in-one spreadsheet. Save money by avoiding the need for monthly subscription fees for paid software. Keep track of all your loads, trucks, finances, carrier, driver, broker information, and cold calling in one convenient location. Streamline your operations and save time with this comprehensive spreadsheet solution.

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This 6 spreadsheet Toolkit with help you jumpstart your new business!

Tools Included:

Important tasks for Freight Brokers and Agents

Load tracker: Keep track of the status of each load, along with associated broker, carrier, driver, truck, and various dispatch details such as pickup and drop off location, distance, CPM, total gross, invoice status, and more. Columns include: Pickup location and time, drop off location and time, distance, CPM and total gross, equipment, commodity and weight, additional fees and invoice status, and extra columns for notes.

Truck tracker: Specifically for tracking your fleet’s running status and location for the current day, week, and month. Includes a monthly calendar that can be automatically updated with new dates for each month. Columns include: Carrier and driver name, truck status (with sample statuses), location of each truck, pickup and delivery details, monthly calendar (with four weeks), and editable for each month.

Profit/Finance tracker: Keep track of total gross and profit for each carrier by week, month, and year. Simply enter your dispatch fee percentage and add entries for loads with gross amounts. Profit will be automatically calculated for each carrier by week and month. Columns include: Carrier name, driver name, and VIN#, dispatch fee, load and gross amount rows, monthly calendar (with four weeks), automatically calculated profit for each carrier, automatically summed profit by week and month, and editable for each month.

Carrier Sheet: Store the information of your best Carriers!

Broker Sheet: Track everyone you work with!

Driver details: Keep all their data in one place for easy access whenever you need it!