Freight Dispatch Training Advance 2023


This course provides advanced training for individuals interested in becoming freight dispatchers.



Congratulations on taking the first step to become a Freight Dispatcher! After many requests from our students we have used our expertise from our success in the Freight Broker Training Industry to provide the same quality, value and support to aspiring Freight Dispatchers! There is no better time than Now to become a Freight Dispatcher! Due to the fact that the Industry is growing Every day! We will do everything to make sure you are successful, our Student support is always available even after your training is done!

Package Includes

💻201 pages of  Training Through Our Learning Management System!

💻Agreement & Contract forms in word docs. 

💻Chapter Test & Certificate of Completion 

💻1 year Load Board Membership

💻550,000+ Transportation Directory

License Filing Service

Website Templates

💻Hard Copy – We will mail you printed a training guide

Social Marketing Leads Over 500+ LinkedIn & Facebook Email Contacts. Unlimited Updates

💻Audio Recorded Freight Dispatcher Training Guide