MTA trailer suspension series with two low-mount models

Meritor announced the production of the MTA 25 low-mount and MTA30 low-mount trailer suspensions, the two newest family members of its MTA (Meritor Trailing-Arm Air) suspension series for North American trailer operators. These units are specifically designed as part of a fully-integrated system to optimize performance and weight, and aimed at vocational applications like single-drop flatbed, double-drop flatbed, loggers and chip hauler trailers, the company said.

The MTA lineup now includes the MTA23 (23,000-pound capacity), the top-mount MTA25 (25,000-pound capacity), the top mount MTA30 (30,000-pound capacity) and the two newest low-mount products. All MTA models are available with the optional lift kit – a quick-response system that raises select axles. Available in painted or galvanized finishes, the lift kit attaches easily and can be installed as original equipment (OE) or field retrofitted, said a company release.

“During the last 22 months, we’ve brought five models of trailing-arm air suspensions for trailers to the North American market,” said Craig Frohock, general manager, Global Trailer, Meritor. “We collect feedback from a variety of sources to ensure Meritor is meeting the needs of its customers: no matter the size.”

“With the last two MTA models in production at our facility in Frankfort, Ky., we’re able to meet all our truck operators’ demands for durability and reliability, plus the key factor of performance in the field,” said Bob Brazeau, director of engineering, Aftermarket and Trailer, Meritor. “We know fleets want durable and lightweight products.”