Mid-South Trucking Company Expects To Benefit From I-269 Superhighway

Trucking Company: Its a trucker’s dream, said Terry Jobe, Director of recruiting and sales at Graham Trucking. Graham has been in business for more than twenty years and runs 45 trucks out of Grenada and Nesbit, Mississippi. For our eastbound freight going out of this area, instead of going through Memphis and all the traffic, now we can hit 269 and come right out at Arlington on our Nashville runs, and save our drivers and our customers probably an hour or so a trip, Jobe said. Officials with Graham Trucking say the opening of 269 will cut down on the amount of time a trucker spends on the road which means it will be safer and they’ll be able to get home to their families sooner.

Getting our drivers back home, as important as it is for home time for our guys, we want to make sure that we get them back as quickly as possible and that hour means everything to their families, said Jobe. Jobe says truck drivers are looking forward to bypassing interstates like 55, 40, and 240, every chance they get.

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