Freight Agent: Vista Trans Holding

  • Anywhere


Develop and manage customer base; pursue and secure business.

To get customers for Vista Trans Holding focusing on specific lanes, commodities, new markets, contract opportunities, and specialized equipment.

Establish integrated solutions in order to meet customers’ needs, requirements, and satisfaction.

To bring opportunities to the table in terms of customers’ spot quotes and bids.

Present and negotiate the rate(s) with the customer, then close and secure business.

Job Overview

The Sales Agent is required to acquire and retain new clients for the Vista Trans Group of companies.

The company’s responsibility to the agent is to provide leads and directions to the markets and lanes that Vista Trans required.

Vista Trans Holding is an asset-based trucking company located in Chicago, IL, and Toronto, Ontario.

Both locations also have 3PL departments, which are also looking for growth opportunities in the industry.

Vista Trans Holding provides premium service solutions & competitive pricing to our valued customers.

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