Cleveland company offers niche insurance for shipments to and from Mexico

Mark Vickers, CEO of Borderless Coverage, didn’t think he’d end up in the insurance business, but because of his background in logistics, he saw the need for Mexican cargo insurance firsthand. Cargo insurance isn’t required by the Mexican government, as it is in the United States, Vickers explained. So they buy it on a per-load basis. And that’s difficult to buy directly, Vickers noted. And customers get a guaranteed rate for that insurance when they’re approved as a client, Vickers said. Since Vickers was in the trade business, he said he knows how much border communities in the U.S. “That’s my overall goal, and I think there’ll be some good byproducts that come from it, too,” Vickers said. Borderless Coverage got its start in August 2017. Vickers, who also works for Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants, is the only employee solely dedicated to Borderless Coverage. in Cleveland and Falvey Shippers Insurance in Rhode Island. Falvey is responsible for the API behind Borderless Coverage, and it has a relationship with Lloyd’s of London, which underwrites the cargo insurance for Borderless Coverage, Vickers said. Borderless Coverage’s main customers are third-party logistics companies and freight brokers, Vickers said. And Vickers said it recently began offering insurance to shippers from the moment of the pickup in the United States or Canada, instead of waiting for shippers to cross the border into Mexico. Vickers said he expects the new U.S.


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