How to start a box truck business

A box truck (also known as a straight truck, box van or cube van) is a chassis cab truck with an enclosed rectangular cargo area. They are usually 10–26 feet long and can range from Class 3 to Class 7 (12,500 lb. to 33,000 lb. gross vehicle weight rating). 

A box truck business is a business where you get paid fees for delivering loads in your box truck. In most cases, the freight you deliver covers the “less than truckload” (LTL) sector, which has been burgeoning with the expansion of e-commerce. 

Not every box truck business will need employees in the beginning. If you are going to be an owner-operator, then you can run your own loads without any other drivers. But if you are not going to be driving or want to position your business for growth as soon as possible, you will want to hire qualified drivers.

If you want your own trucking authority, you will need to apply to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for a Motor Carrier (MC) Number. It costs around $300 and they have a 21 day vetting process. You will need to make sure you have appropriate insurance in place and file a BOC-3 form, which basically appoints a service of process agent in the states in which you will operate.

Growth + Change = Opportunity! How are you going to capitalize on the opportunity as a freight broker, agent, dispatcher or box truck carrier!?

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