How to Rent a Truck

How to Rent a Truck

Rental trucks provide an easy and affordable way to transport lots of small objects at once and haul large items that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to budge. Though the rental process may seem confusing at first, it is actually fairly straightforward once you know all the steps involved.
Figure out what type of truck you need. When renting a truck, your primary concern should be how large it is. As a general rule, start with a 10 to 12 ft (3.0 to 3.7 m) long truck if you’re moving 1 room’s worth of stuff and add 2 to 3 ft (0.61 to 0.91 m) for each additional room you plan on packing.

  • For small loads, you may be able to rent a pickup truck or cargo van instead of a full moving truck.

  • If you need to haul a large object like a car or tractor, make sure your truck comes with a trailer hitch.

Search online for local truck rental companies. Your search results will show you a number of different rental stores located near your house. Most of your options will be national franchises like U-Haul, Penske, and Enterprise, though some areas may have small mom-and-pop rental shops as well.

  • Chain stores have more locations than independent businesses, so go with them if you plan on traveling far away.

Compare prices to find the best deal. Before committing to a specific rental company, look at how much each store charges for the type of truck you want. Some stores offer rental estimates through their official website, though others may require you to call their customer hotline for current pricing information.

  • When comparing prices, keep in mind that some companies charge an additional fee for each mile you drive.

  • Make sure you look at each company’s website to see if there are any promotional discounts available, and don’t forget to search online for third-party coupons from groups like AAA.

Reserve your truck in advance if necessary. Depending on the company you’re renting from, you may need to reserve your truck in advance. You can typically do this in person, through the store’s official website, or by calling the store’s customer hotline.

  • To reserve your truck, you’ll have to know the dates you need it for, where you want to pick it up from, and where you want to return it to.

  • In some cases, making your reservation early can lock you into lower rental rates Source:

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