How to Become Freight Broker in CA

How to Become Freight Broker in CA: Freight brokers enjoy a high level of flexibility in their schedules and a fast-paced environment thanks to the speed of sales and negotiations. In this job, people will spend their days organizing transportation for shipments, negotiating prices for shipping services and keeping their clients properly informed of each shipment’s progress. Brokers can also oversee freight agents, who work as independent contractors while conducting sales and finding carriers for shipments. There are distinct requirements that must be met to become a freight broker that do not apply to agents.

Requirements for Becoming a Freight Broker in California

California freight brokers must meet the federal requirements for becoming a licensed broker. They should have a high school diploma or equivalent, and they must carry several types of insurance: cargo, general liability, state insurance, and a $75,000 surety bond.

California-based freight brokers do not need any additional certifications to operate in the state. However, some brokers choose to enroll in training programs that can help them understand the industry and get assistance with job

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