How To Become a Freight Broker in Florida

How To Become a Freight Broker in Florida

Freight brokers must search for trucks on load boards to move cargo and contact shippers to let them know that they’ve found trucks. Among other things, Freight brokers are responsible for searching for shippers who need cargo transported from one place to another.  Freight brokers work between each party to find a fair rate for both parties. Becoming a licensed freight broker in Texas is a fairly easy process.

Ways to Obtain A Freight Broker License in Florida:

  1. Get knowledge and training to become a freight broker. In Florida you can use the JPL Enterprises International program, they can assist you with training classes. The classes will teach students about operations to sales and marketing and how to run a freight brokerage through video and lectures. Degree programs to get a freight broker license aren’t required.
  2. Apply for a license with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The website of the FMCSA, a government agency that issues licenses for freight brokers, has downloadable forms (see Resources). Fill out and complete the FMCSA’s Form OP-1 Application for Motor Property Carrier and Broker Authority. Fees may apply and must be paid out of pocket. After filling out the information for the application, the FMCSA will issue a motor carrier number, which is necessary to continue the application process.
  3. Obtain a $10,000 surety bond or trust fund. These can be obtained from a bank or bonding company. Some companies will put up a bond for you if you have good credit for a yearly fee of around $500 to $700 dollars. Next, you must file either a BMC-84 or BMC-85 after you get your surety bond or trust fund (see Resources). A processing agent, which can be around $50 dollars, is required as well along with form BOC-3.
  4. Wait about four to six weeks for the application to be processed. You can seek employment after you receive your FMCSA Authority certificate.

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