How to Become a Freight Agent?

How Much Can You Earn as a Freight Agent?

As a leader in the online freight broker training industry, Freight Brokers has developed a Freight Brokerage License school for students to become independent contract agents or freight brokers. You can study anywhere at any time with our cutting edge Learning Management System. Register Today and start learning Instantly!

Become a freight agent with We’re a leading worldwide provider of freight transportation, global logistics, and supply chain solutions. We are one of the fastest-growing transportation and logistics companies in the country.

If you’re a self-motivated, entrepreneurial individual who’s driven to succeed, simply fill out our short request form by clicking the link or call us at 855.411.1026 to get started. Whether you’re already a freight agent at another company or you’re running a company of your own and looking for a better network, we’re here to help.

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