How much does a freight broker earns

freight broker earns

Freight brokers and agents assist companies with receiving and shipping commercial cargoes. They are responsible for arranging pickup and delivery by the workers in the port of entry. They prepare all the paperwork and facilitate smooth processing at customs. They also help companies price their shipping costs. This job usually does not require any special training beyond a high school diploma.

Average Salary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2009 the average freight broker salary was $38,940. The average salary ranged from the 10th percentile of $22,190 to the 90th percentile of $58,110 a year.The BLS estimates that the median 50th percentile workers earned $36,960 a year in 2009.

Salary by Employer

BLS reports that in 2009, the top employers paid a mean annual wage ranging from $47,050 to $60,960. These companies included water and rail transportation firms, freight brokerage houses and office administration enterprises. Companies that employed the largest number of freight agents in 2009, including freight, air, trucking and courier transportation firms, on average paid only $26,500 to $40,070 a year.

Top Paying States

Kansas, Wyoming, Washington and Connecticut paid the highest average salaries in 2009, ranging from $48,200 to $49,590, according to the BLS. Tacoma, Wash., and Bridgeport, Conn., paid some of the highest salaries, $54,450 and $59,330, respectively, according to the BLS. These states, however, employed some of the smallest numbers of freight brokers in 2009.

States with Highest Concentration of Freight Brokers

New Jersey, Florida, Illinois and Alaska employed large numbers of freight agents in 2009, with concentration per thousand workers ranging from 0.964 to 2.488. However, the pay there ranged only from $31,560 to $43,550 a year, according to the BLS. This was a significant difference compared to the top paying states. Newark, N.J., and Anchorage, Ak., paid higher salaries in 2009 than the state averages, $45,130 and $36,370, respectively, according to the BLS.

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