Getting a Motor Carrier Number

If your company transports passengers or goods, you may need a USDOT number. USDOT numbers uniquely identify your business and allow the USDOT to track safety records and ensure that you are adhering to all operating requirements. You can get your motor carrier number online for free from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

A motor carrier permit is a small piece of paper that states you are allowed, by law, to transport goods in between state lines. On the motor carrier permit there is a number. This number allows authorities the ability to look up your information in their database. You need to have this motor carrier permit and number before you can begin transporting goods for either private or commercial use.


**Personal Registration**

1.Go to your local DMV and fill out form “DMV 706 MCP.” This is a lengthy application form that requires you to fill out who you are transporting for, what months of the year you transport goods and an assortment of different questions regarding your employer and vehicle information (the application is 10 pages long as of November 2009).

2.Hand in both the completed “DMV 706 MCP” and “DMV 65 MCP” forms. The “DMV 65 MCP” form is filled out by you (if self-employed) or your boss and presents proof of financial responsibility. This is in case there is an accident involving your vehicle.

3.Give the DMV clerk a copy of your (if self-employed) or your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance form. You should also have a request or code number. This is given to you (if self-employed) or your boss depending on the kind of commercial vehicle being used.

4.Include a carrier identification number and the appropriate fee. This fee is going to vary from state to state, depending on where you work.

5.Wait for the information to be processed. You should receive your motor carrier permit and number within a few weeks of the application.

**Online Registration**

1.Navigate to the FMCSA website listed in Resources.

2.Click on “Register Online” under “Registration & Licensing.”

3.Click on “Start the Step-by-Step Registration Guide.”

4.Fill in the interview style questionnaire. The questionnaire will help you decide if you need a USDOT number and if you do, it will ask your the questions needed to submit the application.

5.Pay for your motor carrier number and then write it down when you have completed the application. It will be issued immediately.