Fuel Surcharge Rate Confirmation

Fuel Surcharge Rate Confirmation

The fuel surcharge must be included separately on the rate confirmation sheet and you must never levy any commission for this amount. It is better to have a detailed rate confirmation with all the overheads like the line-haul rate, the paid miles, the tarp pay, additional stops & fuel surcharge. Itemizing the confirmation sheet will give you better clarity in revenue sharing. You do not have to pin down the fuel surcharge on any other shipping documents like the Bill of Lading. But it is essential to include it on the load rate confirmation agreement as well as the invoice which you send to the client. Freight Rate Variables The freight rates differ from day to day. Besides this, they are not uniform throughout the nation.

The freight rates depend on the supply & demand at that particular location and as long as there’s no sudden hike in the fuel rates, the rates you finalize should be stable for around a month. After you have finalized a line haul rate, it is easier to keep the base rate stable and negotiate with the rate variables like the truck fuel surcharge. The motor carrier will have to order the proper permits for all the states through which the load is going to be hauled. But you too should find out if the load requires any additional permits.

The customer too should be fully updated of the same. A load must have individual state permits in case: Its width exceeds 8 feet. Its length exceeds 53 feet and it is hanging over the back of the trailer. In case the GVW Gross Vehicle Weight of the truck exceeds 80,000 pounds after being loaded. Because of the extra expense for the carrier, it is better that you get a good deal for such loads.

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