New Report Will Aid Freight Forwarders, Shippers and Hauliers Avoid Cargo Crime

WORLDWIDE – For anyone with an interest in avoiding the theft of cargo in transit the latest report from insurance specialists the TT Club will make fascinating reading. Prepared in association with supply chain intelligence and risk management experts BSI, the report looks closely at every facet of what is a complex international problem.

Specific modes of offences are individually analysed alongside types of product and frequency, geographical region, even which days of the week are most likely to see criminal acts. Hijackings, extortion against truck drivers, slash-and-grab thefts and even counterweighting, where thieves remove goods and then use other items like rocks, sand and water to replace the weight of stolen goods, all are studied.

Reference to the report will give an insight into the most likely threats and go some way to preventing such offences if acted upon, which of course is the overall purpose of the TT Club which too often has to pay out for criminal acts perpetrated on the freight community.

The closing pages of the report are a step by step tutorial for the shipper, haulier, forwarding agent or warehouse keeper willing to mitigate as much as is possible against the possibility of crime, be it sophisticated or otherwise.

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