E-commerce Distribution Potential Is Exponential With Walmart’s New Purchase

Walmart just made another major purchase in the Charlotte market in its continued war against Amazon for consumer distribution and delivery supremacy.

Walmart Fulfillment Services LLC bought Troutman Industrial Park, a 1 million-square-foot industrial shell building, for $69 million, according to Iredell County real estate records. The building sits on a 158.3-acre lot at 386 Murdock Road and was developed by longtime developer Kathy Godley. The deed for the sale was recorded on Tuesday.

Construction on the facility was completed this year and ranked among the largest industrial complexes in the Charlotte region (soon to be dwarfed by Lowell’s 3.2 million sq ft industrial facility).

Troutman Industrial Park is among the largest industrial buildings in the Charlotte region. The sale to a single user is a continuation of emerging trends in the Charlotte industrial real estate market, where larger buildings are becoming increasingly more popular.

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