Rising Freight Broker Demand

In this week’s Thomas Index I’m going to cover what we call the “Thomas Index Four by Four.”. These are four product or service categories that have seen an upward trend in sourcing activity in the Thomas Network at Thomasnet.com, for at least four weeks running. First up is the…

Blockchain Group Expands

The group formerly known as the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance has expanded its mission and been renamed the Blockchain in Transport Alliance, reflecting its widened focus on all forms of transportation. BiTA is dedicated to setting standards for blockchain applications developed for transportation. The alliance was formed by tech and transportation…

Blockchain platform provider ShipChain joins transportation

ShipChain, the blockchain platform disrupting the trillion-dollar freight industry, announced its membership in the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance In doing so, it also made clear its intention to partner with other major players in the logistics space, like UPS, in order to scale unified transport management as far and wide…

Heavy Traffic expected for Thanksgiving

Expect traffic to be heavier than normal for starting Wednesday as a record-number of Americans travel for Thanksgiving. AAA projects 50.9 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more away from home this Thanksgiving, a 3.3 percent increase over last year. Some 89 percent of all travelers – 45.5 million…

Securing Truck Tools

A worker cannot do a job without the proper tools. A working man’s tools represent an investment in his business and the lifeline of his income. Many workers store their tools in the back of their work trucks. Having these tools stolen out of the back of your truck can…

Getting In-Touch with a Freight Broker’s Bonding Agent

When using a freight broker to arrange a load, verification of the broker’s surety bond is essential. You can get bond information online, but the FMCSA can’t tell you if the bond has pending claimants. The best way to determine satisfactory bond coverage is to contact the freight broker’s bonding…

Building Your Own Logistics Business

Starting your own logistics business can provide a stable, lucrative future if you plan responsibly and take advantage of opportunities when they make themselves available to you. Most industrialized companies require some form of logistics machinery in order to function properly, and you can forge an enterprise by catering to…

Getting To Know Reefer Trucks

A reefer truck is a truck or van usually 1 ton or larger that has a refrigerated unit built either directly on the frame or is transported by trailer. It’s refrigerated by diesel-powered generators and liquid carbon dioxide, or CO2. Reefer trucks range from simple ice cream trucks to large…

Searching For Freight Loads

Truckers who own their own rigs lose money when they don’t have freight loads. Income is lost when the truck is not running or driven empty. Finding a freight load available near the location where the last load was dropped is essential. Working with a freight broker or online load…

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