Securing Truck Tools

A worker cannot do a job without the proper tools. A working man’s tools represent an investment in his business and the lifeline of his income. Many workers store their tools in the back of their work trucks. Having these tools stolen out of the back of your truck can cripple your business and demoralize you. It is important to protect them against both damage and theft. Protecting tools in work trucks requires regular diligence to ensure that tools don’t go missing and that they remain in good shape. Depending on the amount of money you would like to invest, you have a few options to safeguard your truck against theft.


1.) Install a truck bed box. Boxes come in many sizes and colors, depending on the make and model on of your truck. You can purchase boxes for the back of your truck bed that install directly below the back window, as well as boxes that mount to the sides of your truck bed. Truck boxes come with either locking lids or eyelets for master locks. Keeping your tools in these locked boxes will prevent thieves from grabbing them out of the back of your truck.

2.) Purchase and install a bed cover. Bed covers also come in different sizes and materials, depending on the cost, quality and size. Hard-top and soft -top versions are available for all major truck makes and models. Soft-top covers will install with a snap-button system that you install along the top of your truck’s sidewall. Hard-cover models require a custom installation but work more effectively due to their ability to lock your tools underneath, as the soft covers allow for easy removal and do not lock.

3.) Place your tools in large plastic truck boxes. These 27-gallon boxes hold multiple tools and have thick plastic shells and lids. The lids’ design allows you to use a master lock to keep them secured. These boxes can provide an excellent and inexpensive option because their sheer weight makes them unattractive to thieves.

4.) Store them in a toolbox that will prevent them from bouncing around in transport. If they are not properly stored, heavy ones can damage smaller ones through impact as a truck is in motion. The toolbox should have a lock on it as well to help prevent theft when the box is left on the truck. Some toolboxes can also be permanently welded to the truck bed to prevent them from being removed.

5.) Lock the storage box whenever you are not at the truck to prevent someone from opening it and stealing the tools.

6.) Remove the tool box from the truck if it is not attached to the frame whenever you are away from the truck for any length of time. This can be difficult due to the potential weight of the tool box, but it will go a long way in preventing tool theft.

7.) Attach RFID (radio frequency identification) chips to the individual tools to help track their location in the event of theft. The chips can be expensive but are worth the cost for expensive tools that are difficult to replace.