Selecting your business services provider

Services Provider: As an independent business owner your primary goal is to make more money that’s why you made the decision to purchase or lease your own truck the challenge lies in holding on to more of the money you make especially as the expenses increase you have to pay for your own plates permits state fuel taxes Federal Highway use taxes maintenance insurance and more keeping track of it all takes a substantial amount of time some owner operators are fortunate enough to have a spouse or partner on whom they can offload the paperwork but even if this is the case your spouse probably does not have the resources or experience necessary to help you maximize your profit or to warn you when you are operating costs or out of line.

It’s not surprising that many owner operators, like most small business owners, fail within the first few years that’s why new owner operators and experience operators who need help should choose a business service provider who understands a owner operator business model. A good business services provider that specializes in trucking often can save you money that more than covers its annual fee.