Becoming an owner operator

As an owner operator, you enjoy more freedom from supervision the company driver experiences. You’re able to set your own hours. You can take time off when you want. But those freedoms, the big trade-off: the need to be financially responsible and self disciplining. The challenge is great, but for those were successful, the rewards are greater still. Why do you want to be an owner operator? If your answers to work hard, make more money, and have a more rewarding life, he haven’t good chance of success. The success long operator is driven above all else by the prospect of financial payback for his time and investment.

It’s a good time to pursue his dream. Long-term expansion of the trucking industry, tighter restrictions on driver health and safety, the hours of service regulations – all this factors contrary to shortage of skilled, say federal reliable drivers.

Looking for it down the road, it is expected that driver supply will continue to fall short of demand as a trucking workforce ages and retires. Carriers today find themselves in strong competition for drivers while dealing with continuing high turnover and lower efficiency moving freight.