Role of a Broker Dealer

Broker Dealer: Stock brokers are licensed agents who purchase various securities for individual investors or companies. In addition to purchasing securities, stock brokers can provide insight into the stock market for customers. Stock brokers work under a brokerage firm, usually with other stock brokers and trainees. Stock brokers are also…

How to Become a Registered Broker Dealer

A registered broker dealer is a financial professional that is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, to buy and sell investment securities. If you have an interest in a financial services career, becoming a broker dealer helps you achieve that goal. Before you launch your career, federal…

How to Become an Independent Broker Dealer

An independent broker-dealer is legally authorized to sell securities and investment products without acting as an agent of a larger organization. The requirements for becoming a broker-dealer are more in-depth than requirements for salespeople or agents. As a broker-dealer, you can maximize your profit from all transactions by bypassing broker…

Transportation Brokerage Careers

Brokerage Careers: The transportation industry boasts many lucrative job opportunities. One of the best is in transportation brokerage. Careers in transportation brokerage have become an essential part of the industry as a whole. Transportation brokers connect carriers with shippers and receivers so the domestic and international transfer of goods goes…

How to Get a Stock Broker License

Stock Broker License: You don’t have to earn a college to degree to become a licensed stockbroker, but you do have to take a series of exams before you can begin buying and selling securities. The Financial Industry Regulation Authority (FINRA) requires that all securities brokers pass the Series 7…

Qualifications for Underwriting a Surety Bond

A surety bond underwriter is a highly specialized profession. The minimum qualifications include a college degree, one year of underwriting experience and knowledge of insurance laws and regulations. Educational Level According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic, most companies prefer beginning underwriters to hold a college degree in business administration,…

About Freight Brokerage Businesses

Freight brokerage businesses are critical third party service providers that help shippers find carriers for their merchandise. This service connection helps to ensure that after a company sells a product that they can get it to their customer, regardless of what the item is or where the customer lives. In…

How to Start a Freight Broker Business

Start a Freight Broker Business: The conventional freight broker is a middleman who operates in the interest of clients who desire the prompt delivery of goods to a specific location through shipping services that transport freight directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse. The basic function of this multifaceted service is to…

How to Start a Truck Broker Business

Truck Broker Business: The distribution and transportation of goods is a vital part of the U.S. business network. Trucks, which move things as varied as fresh produce and gasoline, comprise a large portion of freight transportation services. Truck brokers act as intermediaries between manufactures, distributors and wholesalers on one side…


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