Benefits Of In Person Training vs Online Training

The past two decades have brought new tools, formats, technologies and content to online learning.

Options in online learning are continually increasing with more people than ever choosing to further their education through eLearning.

Since around 2010, smartphones have offered even more possibilities, enabling people to take their learning on the go: while traveling, on public transport, in a waiting room, or at home.

In-person classes obviously require attendance; they demand a fixed appointment, a specific date to note in our diary, and a person expecting us in a physical location.

There are several important differences between in-person training and online learning that those who are looking to implement one for their employees should know.

  1. In-Person Training Provides More Hands-On Experience
  2. Online Training Offers Greater Flexibility
  3. In-Person Training Allows Several Employees to Learn at Same Pace
  4. Online Training Features Greater Program Variety
  5. In-Person Training Provides Greater Face to Face Interaction
  6. Online Training is Often Less Expensive

Blended Learning combines self-directed learning (often online) and interaction with a coach or teacher (face-to-face or online).The idea of blended learning is simple: learners use both online and instructor-led training.

Online and offline methods should not be seen as competing but rather as complementing one another.

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