Another Lost Art of Trucking

Lost Art of Trucking: This simple technique was so ubiquitous, it is second nature to the people who have used over a long period of time, but it is a complete mystery to anyone who came into the industry after the advent of the curtain sider. I can remember struggling with getting my ropes off a load of potatoes and then fighting with the tarp to get into the right shape to pack away.

At the same time some cocky young truckie would pull into the market, roll back the curtains and go and find a fork lift to unload, while I was still sorting ropes and tarps.Some satisfaction was to be had when the curtain sider didn’t quite do the trick. Curtain siders were new then and it wasn’t a surprise when curtains were opened to find the load had shifted and the battle to free the gates would begin.Of course we have to move with the times and roping etc would play havoc with the driver’s hands.

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    Then & Now: How Trucks and the Trucking Industry Have Changed Throughout the Years

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