5 Characteristics of Every Freight Broker

1. A Good Knowledge of the Trucking Industry

A freight broker usually works in close collaboration with the trucking industry because this is one of the main ways of transporting freight across the country. That is why it is important for them to ensure that they are aware of the safety and environmental regulations surrounding the trucking industry such as CSA 2010 and CARB compliance laws. They should also ensure that they keep abreast of fuel prices and other transport-related costs. It is also important for a freight agent to make use of reliable and honest trucking companies to transport their clients’ freight. Carrier monitoring services such as Transcore CarrierWatch and TIA Watchdog can help.

2. A High Degree of Professionalism

Because a freight broker agent deals with many motor carriers and shippers on a daily basis, they should ensure that they treat these companies as professionally as possible. It is important for them to project a company image which is professional so that their clients are at ease knowing that their freight will be handled and transported with care. If the freight agent makes a promise to a client, they should ensure that they do everything in their power to keep it at all times.

3. An Impeccable Degree of Honesty

Because there are so many underhanded freight companies out there, reputable freight broker agent should always ensure that he or she is completely open and honest with their clients. They should ensure that they only hire honest employees and deal with any form of theft or dishonesty as swiftly as possible. A freight agent should also ensure that they do not open themselves up to accepting any bribes or engage in any other illegal activities which could cost them their business as well as their integrity.

4. Eagerness to Please Their Clients

A freight broker agent should always remember that if it weren’t for their clients, they would not be able to earn a living. That is why it is important for them to ensure that they do everything possible to keep their clients happy. By doing this, they will ensure that they develop long-term professional relationships with these clients which, in turn, will result in a long-term income for the freight agent.

5. Excellent Organizational and Computer Skills

A freight broker agent needs to ensure that the correct shipments arrive at the right destinations on time. They need to be able to arrange transportation in a way that it is as cost-effective as possible while also ensuring that shipments arrive according to the clients’ specifications. Source:https://www.rfxinc.com/


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