Trucking Software Requirements

Trucking Software:
The trucking system has implemented information systems technology and software to make operations more efficient and resourceful. There are Windows-based software packages that trucking companies can integrate into their business. These software packages have many user-friendly interfaces. There are no federal regulations governing the use of software for the trucking industry. However, if you choose to purchase software, there are “key” programs you need in the software to automate every part of a trucking operation.

Dispatch Program
A general requirement for trucking software programs is to have a dispatch program built into the software. A dispatch program module keeps track of old and new operators and can provide access to the status of orders, trailers, trucks and drivers and where they are located with a GPS tracking system. A good dispatch program has email capability, voice notification programs and a speech-to-text messaging program for drivers.

Log Programs
There are two types of log programs that are integrated into trucking software packages: general log programs and fuel log programs. General log programs keep track of daily operations within the company. The general log reflects dispatch calls, shift events, tracking of trucks, cargo and driving hours. A fuel log program tracks fuel purchases and costs, and keeps a receipt that can be emailed into the corporate office or printed as a report. This module helps calculate fuel taxes and expenditures.

Equipment Status Program
A good trucking software package is required to have a program module to review equipment and cargo status. Many trucking software packages come with user defined fields (driver available, out of service, and trailer status) already loaded into the software. You can also create user-defined fields that are tailored to your company operations.

Accounting Program
Trucking software programs should have an invoice and accounting module to process invoices on the spot and to update customer accounts and the company general ledger real time through the software program or over the Internet. The accounting program in trucking software packages come with customer lists, general ledger accounts, report functions and account maintenance programs.

Fleet Management Program
Finally, no trucking company software is complete without a fleet management system module. A good trucking software program should have a fleet management module that indicates all trucks that belong to the fleet, their fleet numbers, U.S. Department of Transportation certification numbers and scheduled maintenance databases for the fleet. A component of fleet management software can be programmed to tell the driver when a company-owned truck is scheduled for maintenance via email notification.