The Best Software Tools for Freight Brokers

To manage the fast-paced business of matching carriers and shippers, choosing the right freight broker software is essential for your success as a broker. Especially if you’re just starting,  freight brokers need specialized solutions that help manage carrier relationships and perform freight matching needs, invoicing, payments, and financial tasks.

1. Transportation Management System (TMS)

Transportation management systems help you plan and make better decisions by putting many of your day-to-day tasks and activities on a single, digital platform.

2. Real-Time, Digital Visibility Software

Real-time, digital freight visibility has become a major service offering for brokers and 3PLs. Larger shippers, in particular, may require 100 percent visibility at stops and accurate, real-time digital load tracking data for at least 70 percent of their loads

3. Digital Freight Matching 

Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching software matches your loads with the best available trucks, reducing or eliminating the need to call or email carriers or to use load boards. 

4. Unified Carrier Technology Platform

Using a single, easy to use technology interface with carriers helps you keep them in your network and moving your loads. With Tools’ free driver app, truckers can track your loads, find and book your loads, negotiate rates, and scan and submit documents to you. 

5. ELDs

Some trucking companies may have policies in place that don’t allow drivers to use app-based load tracking technology. In this case, know that you may have the option to use truckers’ ELDs for load tracking purposes. 

6. Document Scan and Send Tool

Giving carrier dispatchers and drivers the ability to digitally scan and send POD and BOL documents makes your carriers’ lives easier and helps them get paid quickly. 

7. Predictive Load Matching

Predictive load matching uses powerful algorithms and machine learning to determine where truck capacity will be in the future.

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