Scrap Metal Laws in Tennessee

Scrap Metal Laws:


Under Tennessee law, anyone who wishes to buy and sell scrap metal or engage in other business connected to it must register with the state Department of Commerce. Such a registration will expire every two years and must be renewed at its expiration by the dealer to continue with the business. The registration form contains a section where the dealer must state whether he has ever been convicted of theft, burglary or vandalism relating to scrap metal. Any lie or deliberate evasion is considered to be perjury. Anyone who has been convicted of any such offense cannot register until five years from the date of conviction.[/box]

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Tennessee law requires  dealers to purchase it only from people who can provide a valid federally issued photo identification. The dealer must record the information on the identification, including name, date of birth, height, address, identification number and sex of the person selling the metal. The dealer must also obtain a thumbprint of the seller, as well as the make, model and license number of his vehicle.[/box]

Prohibited Scrap Metal
Under Section 62-9-106 of the Tennessee Code, a  dealer may not purchase certain types of prohibited scrap metals. The  dealer may not purchase any  that has the markings or initials of any public utility company. Examples of such include street or highway signs, water meter covers, street light fixtures and utility access covers. The only exception is if the seller provides valid documentation to the dealer to prove that the such a seller is an agent authorized to sell the scrap metal. Such scrap metal must also be marked with a scrap metal marking system meant to designate any such scrap metal that is for sale.[/box]