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Forms & Contracts
Hard Copy Book - NEW
Job Placement Assistance
Transportation Database
Load Board
Webinar or Freight Broker Advice
Hard Copy of Books
License Filing Service Sold Separately Sold Separately
Freight Broker Training Guide
Facebook & Linked In Logistics Leads
24/7 Support
Factoring Services
Website Design
Price $749.00 $499.00 $2,250.00 $1,895.00 $897.00 $799.00 $2,495.00

We feel so confident in the quality and price of our course packages that we even show you who are competitors are. We have done the research for you, the check marks are proof in itself! Other sites don’t offer even half of what we provide. Feel free to click on the “Site” links at the top to go to their actual page. You will be AMAZED at what they are charging for their courses compared to what you will receive from us! On most sites you get just training materials, nothing more. Our Basic Package is 90% less if that’s what your looking for. Others don’t offer license filing service and those that do have a separate fee. Shop around WE KNOW you will be back!