Precision Truck Training

The Truck Marketing Institute trains the truck industry in how to sell, lease and purchase light Ford pickup trucks. They use a process called Precision truck training, which is a five-course training session. A career in truck driving requires you complete a training course that teaches you to drive a truck safely. You can enroll in truck driver training at some community colleges or schools.

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Precision truck training is designed to make its graduates fully aware of the light truck market, focusing on the Ford line. This includes the truck specifications, their price and their performance abilities. According to the Truck Marketing Institute website, as of 2010, the course has trained more than 60,500 graduates.

The first lesson is a basic understanding of the light truck market. This includes understanding the monetary value of each truck. The second lesson goes more in-depth, including explaining why the gross axle weight rating (GAWR) and the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) are important. Lesson three discusses all aspects of front and rear axles, including calculating axle weight ratings. Lesson four goes into detail on the different types of engines and their fuels. Lesson five discusses the different types of Ford sport utilities.

Grading Policy
Each lesson has a test that must be passed with at least a 75 percent. You can retake the test if you score below that. Getting a 90 percent or higher is considered very good, while anything 80 percent or lower is considered problematic. Passing each test will give you access to your graduation certificate.