Why Do People Fail as Freight Brokers?

Through the years I have watched numerous People enter this business. Some make it, some fail. The ones that fail would not do the simple and little things that work. On the other hand, the ones that make it are the ones that follow these 7 simple rules day in and day out. And they don’t try and reinvent the wheel! This is a simple process and many new brokers try and make it more complicated than it truly is.

(1) Keep an eye on the details
(2) Prospect, Prospect, Prospect!!!
(3) Call your accounts daily
(4) Post everything
(5) Don’t wait for the phone to ring
(6) Keep overhead low
(7) Be consistent

Let us also take a moment and look at some things you can do to help you become the successful freight broker or freight agent that you can There are some common pitfalls that can lead to failure in the freight broker arena Let’s discuss each of these in more detail and offer some solid solutions.

Failure 1 – Lack of Knowledge and Planning (Expertise) – It sounds simple, but the number one reason why people fail is because they lack freight broker business knowledge and will not take the time to learn this business. Many fail because of poor planning and a lack of knowledge. If you lack the knowledge, the first key to survival is to make sure you know what you’re doing.

Solution 1 – Get the best training you can find. The upfront investment in training will be well worth the money you will spend. I personally invite you to take a good look at A1 Freight Training I am Sure you will see that no one will offer you the training and support at the price there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to get started in this business please don’t buy into the hype that these training schools throw out there rule # 6

Failure 2 – Poor Management (Management- The second biggest reason small business fail is poor or inexperienced management. Management comes down to two things: competence and experience. New business owners frequently lack relevant business and management expertise in areas such as finance, purchasing, selling, production, and hiring and managing employees.

Solution 2- First, work with an experienced mentor or coach to learn specifically how to manage the business you are getting into. Second, don’t start a business that immediately requires employees; learn to manage yourself first.

At A1 Freight Training I am not a school you will have a professional Freight Broker Business Consultant On your Side I often get asked how long it the class my answer to this is how long do you need it to be. The purpose of A1 freight broker training is to do one thing: Train Individuals that have a desire to build a successful Freight Brokerage Business

With roots dating back to 1948 in the transportation industry I provide insight, strategies and industry knowledge only found from a true trucking industry professional. From a very young age, I was personally involved in the transportation trucking field. Beginning my professional carrier in 1984 I have learned to leverage every phase of the industry. Working with major truckload carriers and brokerage companies helped build his knowledge base from all angles.

Failure 3 – Capital Deficiency (Money) – Everyone wants to be a big shot when they first start out, but before you can swing multi-million dollar credit lines, recognize the fact that your first and foremost goal should be business survival. And business survival means adequate startup cash and ongoing cash flow. Many new business owners severely underestimate what it will take to start up and continue to run their new business – huge mistake! When business owners underestimate how much money is needed and they are forced to close before they even have had a fair chance to succeed.