Manhattan Driver&Load(R) Sparks Substantial Reduction in Operating Costs, Deadhead Miles for Gordon Trucking

Driver&Load: Global supply chain optimization provider Manhattan Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq:MANH) today announced that Pacific, Wash. based Gordon Trucking, a local, regional, and trans-continental truckload service provider, has seen substantial reductions in operating costs and deadhead miles following a successful implementation of Manhattan’s Driver&Load® module from the Manhattan Carrier™ suite of solutions.

Gordon’s 1,900 blue trucks cover four million miles a week, or 208 million miles a year, further than the distance from the Earth to the Sun and back. Additionally, Gordon manages dedicated fleets through its 13 terminals across the country, and employs 2,500 people. It is considered to be one of the safest and most reliable large truckload carriers in North America. With such an expansive network, every small savings can have a large impact on Gordon’s bottom line.

“The products we use from Manhattan have eliminated deadhead and improve efficiencies—bringing down our costs and increasing our profits,” said Jim Kobeski, director of regional operations, Gordon Trucking. “When you look at trucking just 10 or 15 years ago, it was all a manual process. Things weren’t done with computers. Today, it’s all about computers and optimization technology.”
Since the implementation, Kobeski noted a 5.5 percent increase in equipment utilization for Gordon Trucking vehicles.
Driver&Load was created to match specific drivers to the best possible loads across a carrier’s entire network in real time, thereby reducing empty miles, increasing utilization and improving driver satisfaction. Driver&Load also enables compliance with Hours of Service and CSA 2010.