Local trucking firm sells one division

GERING -Local trucking firm sells one division, Nebraska Transport Company, founded in Gering in 1973, recently underwent a major change, but most people will see no differences. NTC owner Brent Holliday, the second generation of the family to operate the business, has sold the LTL small package delivery division to Cross Country Freight Solutions, a family-owned company out of Bismarck, North Dakota. Holliday and his son, Phillip, will retain ownership of the truckload portion of the business, which will operate under the name Twin City Cartage.

A new building is currently going up just west of the current NTC headquarters to serve as a terminal. Another part of the business they’ll keep is NTC Logistics, which Phillip is heading up. “In the old days, it was called a broker,” Holliday said. “If we can’t handle a specific load for a customer ourselves, we’ll take responsibility for the shipment and find an outside trucking firm that can make the delivery for us. It’s really freight management.” NTC’s service area includes eastern Colorado, all of Nebraska, eastern Wyoming, the northeastern corner of Kansas, western Missouri and parts of Iowa.

The purchase by Cross Country Freight Solutions doubles the company’s direct shipment coverage. Holliday said he wasn’t really thinking of selling any part of the business his father had started, but the call from Cross Country came “Out of the blue.” “I wasn’t that interested, but they asked to visit us and talk about it,” he said. “This company has been my identity for a lot of years so I wanted to be sure this was God’s will for my life and for the company.” He added that any possible sale had to be right for his family, as his wife, two children and their spouses, and a nephew all work for the company. “I wanted to know the new company would treat my employees well,” he said. “I have people who have worked here for 30 years.

Any business has to make money, but when we draw our last breath, it’s not about money but how we’ve treated our fellow human beings.” As a vice president, Holliday will continue working part-time for NTC, calling on major clients as needed and representing the company at industry meetings and shows. Cross Country Freight Solutions will keep the Nebraska Transport name and its familiar black and yellow color scheme. They also plan to keep all the current terminals open and keep most of the employees, including those in Gering. “This community was good to my dad as a one-man operation trying to make a living,” Holliday said.

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