How to Become A Mortgage Broker in California

Mortgage Broker california

Ways to become a Mortgage Broker in California

College Degree Can Be Used for Something

If you have a College Degree and/or 2 years Full Time Experience in RE you can go on to get your License. First you need to take a Course that you can do at home and submit to the Company in your area that has certain pre requirements to start submitting for the RE Broker’s Exam. The course is a 12 week course that you can do in probably 4 weeks if you are deligent. It is a reading information on all RE subjects and then a test is given for you to pass after each study course.

Studying for the Exam

Next you submit the certificate to state of California and proceed with the Test Setting date for the Broker’s Exam. Best to take a course on helping you study for the Exam. You can purchase online study course or tapes with lots of questions and answers to review.

How you look after taking the Broker’s Exam

The exam is at 8 AM and lasts 3 – 4 hours in the morning with a 30 minute break and 3-4 hours again in the afternoon. Believe or not the room is very crowded. Make sure you have with you all the required paperwork, a Driver’s License, No. 2 pencil and a calculator.
You will be notified on the computer and in the mail 1 -2 weeks later if you passed.

After you have your Broker’s License then you have to fill out more paperwork and pay more fees for a separate Mortgage Broker’s License.

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