How Can Companies Communicate With Truck Drivers?

Communication between a company and it’s truck drivers is vital for safety, timely deliveries and a good business reputation. A company has more than one type of access to communication with individual truckers or large fleets of drivers.

Satellite Communication
A trucking company may install a state-of-the-art satellite system into vehicles for ready communication between dispatchers and employees. The truck driver will have an in-cab keyboard and dashboard monitor for access to messages and up-to-date information.[/box]

[box type=”shadow”]Cellular Phone
Trucking company dispatchers and office staff can reach a truck driver that carries a cellular phone in most areas of the country. Text messaging also gives the company access to updates from the driver and vice versa. Text messaging is stringently discouraged while driving and against the law in some states, and a growing number of states are passing laws against any use of a cellular phone while operating any motor vehicle.[/box]

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Wireless Internet

A trucking company can send emails, orders and pertinent details to a truck driver through the Internet. Truck drivers with laptops have access to WiFi at motels, truck stops, coffee shops and restaurants. Motels with a communication office allow patrons to use on-site computers for Internet access, and many motels and hotels offer in-room Internet connections.[/box]