How to Start a Hauling & Delivery Business

Hauling & Delivery Business: Without a pickup truck or trailer, few people have the means to haul large goods, debris and trash. If they can’t enlist the help of a friend who owns hauling equipment, they must turn to professionals for hauling and delivery needs. A hauling and delivery business is a solid small business venture that can be operated from your home, which may translate to few start-up costs.

Create a business plan for your hauling and delivery business. Your business may deliver office supplies to corporations or construction equipment to site managers. Hauling equipment can get complex and expensive, particularly when hauling for commercial or construction businesses. Identify your initial audience. If your budget is limited and you can’t afford heavy-duty hauling equipment, focus on smaller, residential hauling and delivery jobs.

Create a name for your business that could translate well to a website. Include the term “hauling” and “delivery” to make your business name more searchable. Contact your county clerk to register your trash pick-up business. Ask about any additional permits that you may need or any environmental regulations that may affect trash pickup.

Purchase liability insurance for your business. Insure all commercial vehicles and expensive equipment. Purchase worker’s compensation for your employees.

Purchase hauling and delivery equipment. In addition to the truck, purchase a trailer, dolly, straps to tie down equipment and tarps to cover delivered goods. Purchase gloves, shovels and rakes. Detail your business information along your truck and trailer.

Contact local landfills about dumping your trash. Contact local recycling companies about sending recyclables their way.


Consider traffic issues, road construction issues, the cost of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, the distance the trash must be hauled and the cost of everyday expenses such as payroll, supplies and taxes when determining what to charge for hauling and delivery.


Contact small businesses, antique stores and local auction houses about implementing your delivery service. Contact site managers about hauling large equipment. Leave fliers at hardware stores, nurseries and auto parts stores. Ask satisfied residential customers to post advertising signage in their yards. Advertise your waste removal business on

Start a website for your hauling and delivery business. Detail your services, such as removal of unwanted trash, junk, furniture, tree trimmings, construction debris, moving boxes, spas, wood, electronics, fences and awnings.