GPS Tracking Device for Truck Drivers

Trucking companies throughout the United States have installed Global Positioning Systems in their trucks, which allow companies to monitor their fleets and keep better track of customer goods. Also, GPS monitoring allows companies to keep track of employees who are driving recklessly.

GPS trucking software enables you to have better control over your truck fleet movements through Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking in real-time. One of the tasks that this software can perform is automatically letting you know when scheduled engagements are operating behind schedule.

• Beginning in 1998, trucking companies installed GPS tracking units in their vehicles, according to the Internal Revenue Service. The units are equipped with radio frequency identification tags that can identify each truck.

• The GPS units allow the drivers to seek directions, avoid areas of trouble, transmit paperwork and even instant message. Also, GPS systems are designed to help trucking companies make the most efficient use of their fleets and increase customer satisfaction by sending the nearest truck to a customer.

• GPS trucking software allows you to keep track of trucks’ daily movements through GPS tracking. This software helps you to pinpoint where your trucks have been, where they are currently located and where they will be going.

• GPS trucking software lets you pinpoint service delays and non-routing conditions through live GPS tracking. You can also view your whole truck fleet via digital color maps. GPS trucking software enables you to monitor your truck loads and drivers’ activities. GPS trucking software can also let you review a driver’s history at any time.

• GPS trucking software can be a web-based tool. As a result, you don’t have to be confined to your office or warehouse. GPS trucking software gives you flexibility in that you can access your information from any computer at any location. This software also lets you use your mobile phone to track activities.

Driver Behavior
• In addition to tracking the position of a truck and its cargo, GPS systems can give a trucking company information about drivers engaging in dangerous behaviors, such as sharp turning, speeding and hard braking.

Tired Drivers
• The federal government limits the number of hours a driver can work; generally, they can’t drive for more than 14 consecutive hours. In an effort to help enforce safe driving policies, the Federal Motor Carrier Administration in 2008 issued a rule requiring trucking companies to save GPS information for six months.